Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Independence of Malaysia

'Dataran Pahlawan' Shopping center.
A-Famosa (Malacca)
Malaysia achieved its independence on the 31th August 1957. Malaysia were previously colonized by the British, Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese, the British being the last before Independence. One of my favourite historic place in Malaysia is Malacca as its one of the historic place where Malaya achieved its independence, now Malaysia. The word Malacca is named after a tree from Malaysia. Back in 2007, my family and I went to Malacca, it is a very historical city but had been undergone major modernization. The most happening place in the town of Malacca is called 'Dataran Pahlawan', it is a shopping center basically. The scenery at the town is spectacular with a show of light and laser on certain days. It is basically a fusion of old buildings left the colonists and modern buildings. During those occasions, we went to the place where the Portuguese and Dutch churches were built in the 16th. century apart from other places.

At the highest peak - Langkawi Island
The second attraction place we love to visit in Malaysia is Langkawi, which is a small island at the northern part of Malaysia. Unlike Malacca, Langkawi is not a historical place but it has several nice beaches and great hotels with the world heritage site known as Langkawi, Geopark. It is an ideal location for many to getaway from the cold winter during end of the year. The weather in Langkawi is always sunny and it hardly rains. What's more interesting is, it is a tax free island.

Inside Aquaria with my little brother.
The third is the famous one, Kuala Lumpur. It is the capital city of Malaysia. Tourists often go to visit the iconic KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) for photo snapshots. The KLCC has indoor science center called Petrosains which is our regular place to hangout when mom goes shopping. There's also an indoor aquarium called 'Aquaria'.
Twin Tower KLCC. Little Brother
Inside Petrosains: Me reflected mirror.

KLCC Water Fountain
Penang Island
Another place that we never miss to spend holiday in Malaysia is Penang Island where good food and fantastic beach holiday is the main attraction. In Penang, Holiday Inn at Feringghi is the regular hotel we always stayed. The hotel is fronting the Feringghi Beach and the swimming pool is fabulous. The last time we visited in 2009, Hard Rock Cafe Hotel Penang next door was under construction. If not surely we would had made a trip and stayed there.

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