Cuti-cuti 1 Dunia

The first trip we had was to London way back in early Summer 2011. On the way there we visited Cadbury world in Birmingham.

We departed from Lancaster at around 10.00am. At 1.00pm we stopped at the rest area (Bicester Village). The place was environmentally clean and has lots of shop. After that, dad went to the shop and bought me a pair of shoes for the school next year.

On the next day, We went to the main place of the trip......Legoland Windsor!!!!!!!! The preferred car park cost about 6 pound but dad just ignore highly cost price and park straight away. As soon as we park the car, we stormed into the Legoland.

The Miniland were fascinating with the Bigben, London bridge and etc.... Few hours later, My brother and I went to the rides and the queues were very long. We didn't realise earlier that there was a machine called q-bot. The Q-bot will do the queues for us but nothing is free, we need to buy the Qbot. Dad was impatience to go to the new Voyage Antlantis that were just launched in 2011. So, we just go for it and wait for the queues....after the long queues we were able to go in and believe me..... it was a submarine!!! The view were really nice as the submarine went deeper and don't forget the fish were extraodinary. The best ride so far to me was the dragon roller coaster.... the dragon start off slowly and gradually getting faster and it was the best experience I've ever had!!! In the evening we drove back to Holiday Inn and check in......


We took the Big Bus to go around London.