Friday, 12 August 2011

ISD Basundhara

I was in Bangladesh sometime in 2005-06, my friends were very friendly and during lunch time they always invite me
to play football together. Dashveen was the legend in football, he is quick and skilful. He is the best friend I've ever had. As soon as Dashveen left the school, Faraaz took control of the football game and things change a little. A

nyway, the teachers in ISD are no different than those my teachers in UK, they were all smartly attired and highly educated & professional teachers. The best part was when my friends invite me to a birthday party, I always wanted to go early to those birthday parties usually in A&W Dhaka and I once cried when we arrived late for a birthday party.

International School Dhaka

After school programmed is really fun because I can choose sports that I like and play after school. Sometimes our school invite grace international school to play with us and we always win against them. Please click on the advertisements after visiting my blog.

There was a day called (Hartal) and I think it means there is a riot happening. On that day, all the students will have to wear casual clothes to school because of the riots. The good thing is when we have a trip, police will escort us safely on the journey.

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