Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Dubai Adventure

In 2006, I went to Dubai from Dhaka, Bangladesh on an Emirates flight.  Dubai is very futuristic and has lots of attractions. We stayed at the Dusit Dubai 6 star hotel. The hotel itself has lots of facilities such as indoor swimming pool, games room and etc.... we spent most of the day at the indoor swimming. On the second day, we went to Ski Dubai, that place was awesome but freezing cold. we came there unprepared.....we forgot to bring our gloves. We played on the slides and snow fight with my brother but the snow wasn't as soft like the real snow. On the third day, we went to a place called Jumeirah (If i'm not mistaken). The scenery at Jumeirah was so nice and we even took picture in front of the Burj Al Arab the best hotel in the world. After a tiring day, we went to a nearby restaurant and we ordered naan with some other foods. The food was classy and so delicious.......... I wish I could go there again....It was truly Asia (mid-east Asia style).
The whole family in front of Burj Dubai
In front of the masjid for Friday prayer

On top of a tower overlooking Mall of Emirates for dinner at a Malaysian owned restaurant

Al-Deira shopping mall

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